Established 2016

The Bakery

Katie's is a dedicated gluten free bakery that offers a wheat and gluten free environment with a full range of dairy free baked goods.

Our Bakery
We are seeing the development of a gluten intolerant society and as a result it is forcing individuals to eliminate certain foods that they love from their diets.

We offer the solution. Our bakery carries organic, non-GMO, gluten free and dairy free products that have a light delicate taste as well as texture.

Katie's is a green bakery that is committed to using recycled and compostable packaging products.

It is our mission to serve discerning customers to whom quality is a priority.

We proudly support the Celiac community.


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Katie's is my go-to place for baked goods, and the best drip coffee in town!! Whenever I have the chance to share this gem with someone, I do! I'm not gluten-free but I choose Katie's every time!!! Lynn's tea cakes deliver every bit of indulgence you want when treating yourself to something sweet. You would never guess they are gluten free.

-Sheryl Guerrero

"We tried so many things but my favorites were the tasty orange tea cake and the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie...yummy, crunchy deliciousness!"

“Definitely the chocolate cupcakes and coconut cakes were the best but all were enjoyed, especially considering they are all GF and mostly vegan.”

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Gluten Free never tasted so good